Just 4 drops a day erases fine lines, wrinkles and age spots—restoring supple, young-looking skin FAST

Modern technology combines with nature’s most powerful anti-aging compounds for a youthful radiance that’ll have you turning heads in as little as five days

It’s not often that technology and nature get to work together in such perfect harmony.

But you’re about to discover an anti-aging breakthrough that does just that—a targeted combination of nutrients scientifically formulated to penetrate even the deepest layers of your skin, delivering age defying antioxidants that can…

  • Restore and protect your natural moisture levels—for smooth, supple skin
  • Rebuild the deepest layers of your skin, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protect against blotches, blemishes and redness—for a noticeably healthy glow
  • Even erase unsightly brown spots for clean, clear, youthful-looking skin

This is not a cover-up or a cosmetic. There are no dangerous chemical peels, goopy lotions or oily creams

All it takes is four drops of this powerful natural breakthrough—a colorless, odorless, fast-absorbing serum you massage into your face and neck.

And as the days and weeks pass, you’ll see a version of yourself from 5, 10, even 15 years ago

There are no injections, expensive appointments or painful procedures.

In fact, at the very heart of this scientific breakthrough is one powerful nutrient that you’re probably taking every day.

What makes this serum so unique is the advanced delivery system ensuring this youth-restoring nutrient gets below the surface of your skin.

Banishing crow’s feet, bags, wrinkles and fine lines—for good!

My name is Sandy DeRose.

I’ve been passionate about nature’s powerful health remedies since I was a teenager. While my friends were playing sports and following their favorite bands, my nose was buried in research journals and reference books.

My friends would tease me about the herbal “witch doctor cures” I would tell them about - until they realized I never got sick and rarely went to the doctor.

In time, my passion for natural health landed me a great job. I spent more than a decade researching and developing nutrient solutions for an esteemed natural healer and one of the most renowned anti-aging pioneers in the world.

Since then I’ve written about and developed dozens of breakthrough solutions—from harnessing the life-extending powers of telomeres and balancing women’s hormones, to reversing vitamin deficiencies and slowing the effects of aging.

I publish an eLetter called Anti-aging at Home and I’ve authored two books, Ten Years Younger and The Anti-Aging Secrets of Hollywood.

But, the most rewarding highlight of my career came when I found a way to combine everything I know about slowing the visible effects of aging into a concentrated serum.

With just four drops a day, rubbed into your face and neck, this non-greasy, non-oily, fast-absorbing age-reverser can transform your skin from dry, blemished and wrinkled...to soft, even, supple and radiant. And it can start to work in just days.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. First, I think it’s important to understand how and why we get wrinkles in the first place…

Say goodbye to bags, wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes—quickly, safely and naturally

Your skin is made of several layers—it’s way thicker than you may realize.

When you’re recovering from a sunburn or an injury, you get a chance to see a thin upper layer of skin peel away, revealing healthy skin beneath it.

But your skin also has a thick spongy layer, deep below the surface. It’s made of collagen and its job is to hold moisture, acting as a spongy “scaffolding” to support the layers of skin that are closer to the surface (the ones you see in the mirror).

Over time, this scaffolding loses moisture and starts breaking down—age, illness, free-radical damage, exposure to toxins and pollutants, even the cosmetics you use to look younger, play a role in breaking down your spongy layer.

Think about what happens when you leave a sponge to dry out on your kitchen counter. It gets thin and brittle—it starts to fold in on itself.

What you see as fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet, are actually layers of skin falling into the “pits” and “valleys” created by the breakdown of your inner “scaffolding”.

So, erasing wrinkles and smoothing away fine lines means replenishing your natural collagen, repairing that scaffolding, and rehydrating your spongy layer.

And what you’re about to discover does all of those things using nature’s most powerful moisturizers, nutrients and skin penetrators, ensuring that every drop of this amazing formula gets deep into your skin where you need it most.

This vitamin is the #1 building block of supple, younger-looking skin

You’re probably taking Vitamin C every day. At the very least, you enjoy a glass of OJ with your breakfast, right?

Maybe you up your dosage when you feel a cold coming on. But other than that, I’m guessing you’ve never given this common vitamin much thought.

Well, I’m about to change everything you thought you knew about Vitamin C.

Because this powerful anti-aging nutrient is about to restore your skin to prom-picture youthfulness

You see, the main ingredient in collagen is Vitamin C.

And, as we age, we absorb less of it from our foods…but we need so much more of it for skin repair and antioxidant protection.

A 90-day, 2017 study found that low levels of Vitamin C are closely associated with visible wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines.[1]

But all the orange juice in the world won’t reverse these visible signs of aging.

A glass of orange juice only has 43mg of Vitamin C.

A whole orange only has about 51mg.

When you drink orange juice (or eat an orange) that little bit of Vitamin C is absorbed into your blood stream where it’s divided among every cell in your body—and there are literally trillions.

That means, very little Vitamin C makes it into those bags under your eyes, or the “smile lines” alongside your mouth.

Even if you’re taking a high-quality Vitamin C supplement, you’re still digesting it and sharing its strength with every cell in your body…

But Vitamin C Serum+ reaches deep below the surface of your skin—restoring your youthful, supple skin

A research paper, published in 2013, showed that topical Vitamin C, absorbed directly into the skin, is far superior for treating and preventing the visible signs of aging.[2]

Used topically, Vitamin C has been shown to help…

  • Prevent UV-induced redness by 52%[3]
  • Reduce sunburned cell formation by 40 – 60%[4]
  • Protect against the age-accelerating effects of sun exposure[5]

But, more importantly, it’s also been shown to help supercharge your collagen makers, protect your existing collagen fibers, and slow the natural breakdown of collagen that comes with age. [6]

That means, by delivering Vitamin C, directly into your skin, you can...

Halt the effects of aging, repair skin damage and restore the glowing complexion you may have thought was long gone

Of course, Vitamin C Serum+ is not just topical Vitamin C.

I’ve mixed one of the most potent forms of Vitamin C with the most powerful natural antioxidant age-defiers, moisturizers, soothers and skin penetrators nature has to offer...

Starting with the legendary, Indian Cassia angustifolia plant.

You may know it as Senna—its extract is often used in teas as an expectorant and to ease constipation.

But, using today’s most cutting-edge, bio-engineering technology, we’ve transformed this extract into an incredible skin-soothing emollient.

And, when applied topically, it acts as a botanical form of hyaluronic acid—restoring moisture and reducing inflammation, for noticeably softer, smoother, more supple skin.[7]

Perhaps you’ve heard of hyaluronic acid—it’s commonly used to help heal painful, stiff and swollen joints. It’s also used in cosmetic surgeries as a “dermal filler” to help plump up the skin.

But, in both cases, hyaluronic treatment requires painful, potentially risky, injections…and nobody likes needles.

That’s where the Vitamin C Serum+ delivery system comes in. This cutting-edge, botanical form of hyaluronic acid works wonders without painful injections.

In fact, it helps penetrate your skin fast… delivering not only its own moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, but the powerful skin-repairing, youth-restoring powers of Vitamin C! [8]

Within seconds, these age-defying nutrients dive deep into your spongy collagen layer—protecting, repairing and rebuilding the spongy “scaffolding”.

From day one, they go to work…

  • Replenishing vital moisture and restoring youthful radiance
  • Unfolding wrinkles and fine lines—banishing unsightly crow’s feet
  • Smoothing out unevenness, erasing spots and blemishes
  • Restoring a youthful glow and supercharging your confidence

You’ll be turning heads in no time… at the office, college reunions, family gatherings—heck, even at the grocery store.

As the days and weeks pass…

You’ll be smiling ear to ear as the new, younger-looking you smiles back from your mirror

But it gets even better. Because Vitamin C Serum+ includes yet another natural skin-penetrating nutrient called jojoba.

You’ve probably heard of it before—it’s become a pretty popular skincare product, and with very good reason.

According to research, done by the Institute for Applied Pharmaceutical Research, Ltd., jojoba can improve skin’s suppleness starting in as little as five minutes, with effects lasting well over eight hours. [9]

Like the Cassia angustifolia extract, it comes with natural anti-inflammatory properties and the power to heal wounds and reverse the signs of aging. [10]

And, once again, it also helps penetrate your skin, FAST.

It delivers collagen-building Vitamin C, deep into the spongy layer of your skin—restoring moisture, unfolding wrinkles and smoothing away fine lines.

As the days and weeks pass, you’ll be spellbound by your softer, smoother, more radiant complexion.

With a confident smile and a self-assured swagger, friends and family members will be begging for your secret

Of course it’s up to you if you want to share it.

But helping other folks who want to smooth away wrinkles, dissolve brown spots and blemishes—reclaim the youthful appearance they thought was long gone—certainly isn’t a bad thing.

Especially once you tell them that Vitamin C Serum+ is completely natural, easy to use and, as you’ll learn in just a minute, backed by a 100% unconditional customer satisfaction guarantee.

But this youth-restoring serum has just a few more tricks in its bag…

Like MSM, another natural anti-inflammatory shown to help penetrate the skin.

Or the world-renowned aloe vera plant. You’ve probably used its natural cooling power on burns. But it can also help prevent radiation-induced inflammation and help wounds heal faster.[11] [12]

With added complexion toners, detoxifiers, and antioxidants, each and every ingredient in Vitamin C Serum+ was hand-chosen to help halt the effects of aging, reverse the signs of aging, and protect your skin from damage.

Just 4 drops a day is all it takes for a complete makeover— some people notice a difference in as little as 5 days!

Of course everyone’s skin, lifestyle and expectations are different.

These wrinkles, bags and blemishes didn’t show up overnight, so I’m not going to try and promise that they’ll disappear overnight either.

For best results, I suggest you give the powerful nutrients in Vitamin C Serum+ a full month to really dive into your skin—rebuilding your collagen “scaffolding”, unfolding wrinkles and smoothing away fine lines

And just to make sure there’s nothing stopping you from giving this technologically advanced, anti-aging breakthrough a try, I’d like to offer you…

A 90-day, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. It’s totally RISK-FREE

If you don’t notice softer, smoother, more moisture-rich skin…

If you don’t see a noticeable decrease in wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet…

If you aren’t 100% delighted with the new version of yourself looking back at you from the mirror with each passing day and week…

Simply send it back within the next 90 days for a full refund (less shipping). No questions asked. It’s that simple.

Here's what people are saying about Vitamin C Serum+

I’m a skeptic when it comes to new products, but my girlfriend tried the vitamin C serum and raved about it, so I trusted her judgment and decided to give it a try because I’ve heard so many benefits of vitamin C for anti-aging. I have used DeRose health vitamin C serum for 3 weeks and I love the way my skin looks. I have finicky skin, but I had beautiful results.

Marie S.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Age 56

My daughter gave me a bottle of this Vitamin C Serum and I didn’t think I was going to like it. To my surprise I absolutely love it! I couldn’t believe how it went into my skin. It didn’t interfere with my other products. And my skin is so much brighter and glowing.

Debbie S.

Lake Worth, FL
Age 71

I wanted to thank you for developing this serum! As a holistic nurse practitioner I have actively sought out and tried many "pure" and alternative products that promised results. But somehow they still had hidden chemicals and did not live up to the standards they claimed. They were toxic and did not work.

I was hesitant to try this one and am so glad I did! I think it only took 3 days for my skin to show a glow and radiance that I was not able to achieve with other products. It is gentle to apply and hydrates my skin in addition to healing it. Thank you Sandy! :)

Kamila F., ARNP-C

Mars Hill, NC
Age 34

My skin looks brighter and people are noticing. I love it! And it goes on so nice and I can put my makeup on top and even my moisturizer if I choose.

Kelly W

Santa Barbara, CA
Age 67

A drop of awesome Vitamin C Serum does miracles!! I love it!!!

Tammie F.

Vienna, OH
Age 53

Imagine looking 10 years younger…just 30 days from now!

Dozens of happy people don’t have to imagine—they’re already living this exciting transformation.

And now it’s your turn.

Just 4 drops a day rebuilds, repairs and restores your skin safely, naturally, and quickly.

Each drop is super-concentrated with coolers, soothers, moisturizers and skin penetrators, ensuring these age-defying nutrients dive deep into your skin where you need them most.

So why wait? Order your risk-free supply of Vitamin C Serum+ today.

For a younger you!

Sandy DeRose
President, DeRose Health

P.S. You're about to see Vitamin C in a whole new light once this hi tech serum goes to work, delivering the most potent form of Vitamin C deep into the spongy layer of your skin-unfolding wrinkles, smoothing away fine lines and restoring a youthful, glowing complexion. Try it, starting today, for a full 90 days, absolutely risk-free. If you're not delighted, simply return it for a full refund (minus shipping). Don't wait-click HERE to order now.


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