Nobel Prize-winning discovery proves:

The long-sought-after fountain of youth isn’t a fountain at all…

The secret to enduring youth lies within THIS ancient root

This powerful, natural, anti-aging breakthrough can help restore your energy, vibrance and youthful radiance starting in as little as 3 days!

It’s hardly a deep, dark secret.

No matter how many candles were on your last birthday cake, most of us would love to look and feel like we’re 10 to 20 years younger (maybe more!).

We watch television, browse Facebook, scan the magazine racks at the grocery store check-out—we’re surrounded by images of Hollywood mega-stars, wealthy CEOs and other multi-millionaires in their 50s, 60s, even 70s and beyond.

They’re slim, fit, vibrant—they seem to have nearly boundless energy.

But heck, they barely look a day over 40!

Their secrets to youth are not available to regular folks like you and I.

They have tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on fancy creams and potions, painful risky injections, surgeries and procedures allowing them to hold on to their youthful good looks.

I’ll be honest, even if I had the money, I’m not sure I would ever take the scalpel-and-needle approach to anti-aging. It’s really just a cover-up and it does nothing to help you feel more youthful.

But I have a secret that most of these wealthy “have-alls” will probably never even hear about. A safe, powerful, natural way to…

  • Super-charge your stamina and endurance
  • Dissolve away stress and anxiety
  • Enhance memory and brain power
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Even restore a vibrant youthful appearance

All this may be accomplished without pokes, prods, procedures or potions.

It actually works at the cellular level, turning back the hands of time on every cell in your body, safely and naturally—a TRUE approach to anti-aging science that no scalpel could ever replicate.

And not only does it cost less than you’d spend on a nice lunch…


It’s based on a Nobel Prize-winning discovery that has regular people, just like you and I, looking and feeling YEARS, even decades younger

The DNA inside each of your tiny chromosomes holds information that determined how tall you’d be, what color your eyes and hair would be, what diseases you may be vulnerable to and how long you’ll live.

Scientists used to think these things were carved in stone. An unchangeable destiny.

It turns out, they were mostly wrong.

More than three decades ago, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn discovered that there are little “caps” on the ends of your chromosomes called telomeres.[1]

Just like the little caps on the ends of your shoelaces, telomeres prevent your DNA from unwinding and fraying apart.

But every time your cells divide—a natural part of life and aging—your telomeres get a little shorter. And when they get too short, we start to see and feel the telltale signs of aging—wrinkles, less energy, and increased risk of disease to name a few.

The anti-aging research community largely agrees that the length of your telomeres is the best indicator of not only your potential lifespan, but how long you’ll stay healthy, fit and vibrant.

But aging alone isn’t the only thing that’s shortening your telomeres.

A poor diet, smoking, exposure to toxins, everyday pollutants, illness, lack of sleep—and especially stress—can all speed up this shortening process.

In other words, stress alone actually speeds up the aging process

When people say, stress is a killer…they’re not wrong.

Estimates show that stress plays a starring role in roughly 75-90% of visits to primary care physicians.[2]

But, more importantly, a 2012 Swedish study shows that the more stressed out you are, the faster your telomeres shorten.[3]

And, as we’ve already discussed, the shorter your telomeres…the shorter your life.

Which brings me to Dr. Blackburn’s second biggest discovery—an enzyme called telomerase.

Stress is a killer!

“Even at the cellular level, stress seems to affect health; chronic stress as also been shown to harm DNA by shortening telomeres “- 
Time Magazine

Telomerase is made in your body and its job is to protect and lengthen your telomeres. And, in turn, it protects and lengthens your health and well-being.

As would be expected, the older we get, the less telomerase our body makes.

But research shows that a fine powder, made from the ground roots of the ancient Indian plant Winter Cherry, can actually…

Increase your telomerase production by up to as little as three days![4]

This couldn’t be more exciting.

But Kartikeya Baldwa, director of Ixoreal Biomed, says it better than I can:

This is the first published study to use a standardized, branded [winter cherry] extract that shows an anti-aging effect with a telomerase promotion effect in the human cell line.[5]

So while movie stars, supermodels and multi-billionaires scramble to find today’s most cutting-edge, anti-aging technologies at any price, this study shows that you can ramp up production of your body’s own powerful anti-aging enzyme, for…

  • A longer, healthier lifespan
  • Less feelings of stress and anxiety
  • More stamina, endurance and vitality
  • A boost in sexual drive and prowess
  • Even a more radiant youthful appearance

In other words, by increasing your body’s natural production of telomerase, you’re giving yourself a boost of true anti-aging protection, right down to the cellular level.

Not some temporary cosmetic. And not some painful or expensive procedure that only changes how old you look.

This Winter Cherry powder is one of the most powerful and important herbs in all of Ayurveda, India’s 5,000-year-old system of medicine.

In Ayurveda, Winter Cherry is classified as a Rasayana.

Translated from the ancient Sanskrit, Rasayana literally means “that which negates old age and disease.”[6]

It has been touted as “The King of Herbs”  — with nothing else coming close to its benefits.

The Immortality Enzyme!

“Telomerase is thus able to extend the life-span of a cell, and has been dubbed the ‘immortality enzyme’.”
– Forbes

For centuries its ground roots have been used to increase energy and  improve overall health and longevity.[7]

Modern studies show that winter cherry is what’s known as an adaptogen.

Adaptogens actually help your body adapt to physical, mental and emotional stress—imparting a positive influence on your endocrine, cardiopulmonary, and central nervous systems, whenever and wherever your body needs it.[8]

It’s also been shown to help normalize cortisol levels—the stress hormone that can lead to obesity, reduced immunity, high blood sugar and high blood pressure, even reduced libido.[9][10]

A 60-day Indian study also showed substantially lower scores on stress-assessment tests, and also dramatically reduced levels of cortisol compared to placebo.[11]

And in yet another study, within just eight weeks, winter cherry helped reduce perceived levels of stress by more than 32% and cortisol by more than 22% compared to placebo.

Study subjects even lost a little weight![12]

In other words, not only does winter cherry help increase your production of telomerase—protecting and lengthening your telomeres, but it also helps your body combat the effects of stress.

Stomping out TWO of the top causes of accelerated aging!

That’s why I chose a high-quality, ultra-potent form of winter cherry as the foundation for my brand new formula, Eternal.

And in just a moment, I’ll show you how to get TWO FREE BOTTLES when you order your risk-free supply today.

But first, I’d like to share a little about myself.

Overcome the inevitability of aging!

“The moment telomerase was discovered it was clear that…this was a way to circumvent the inevitability of aging and dying.”
-Leonard Hayflick,Professor of Anatomy at the UCSF School of Medicine

My name is Sandy DeRose.

I’ve been passionate about Nature’s most powerful health remedies since I was a teenager. While my friends were playing sports and following their favorite bands, my nose was buried in research journals and reference books.

My friends would tease me about the herbal “witch doctor cures” I would tell them about. Until they realized…

I never got sick and rarely went to the doctor

In time, my passion for natural health landed me a great job. I spent more than a decade researching and developing nutrient solutions for an esteemed medical doctor and one of the most renowned anti-aging pioneers in the world.

Since then I’ve written about and developed dozens of breakthrough solutions. I publish an e-letter called Anti-Aging at Home and I’ve authored two books, Ten Years Younger and The Anti-Aging Secrets of Hollywood.

But harnessing the life-extending powers of telomeres using a completely safe, natural and research-proven herb just may be the highlight of my career.

Eternal is about to change your life for the best.

From day one, winter cherry’s powerful nutrients will begin infusing your body and accelerating your telomerase production by up to 45%…protecting and extending your telomeres…

For age-defying youth, energy, endurance and overall well-being

In as little as three days, Eternal will help extend your telomeres, protecting them against the age-accelerating effects of stress, toxins, poor sleep, and more.

Before you know it, you’ll begin to feel younger, more vibrant and energized…

As the days and weeks pass, you’ll notice a fresher, more radiant you showing up in the mirror…

You may notice you get sick less often…you feel tired less often…you feel stiff and achy less often…

You may start sleeping better—waking up feeling fully recharged and refreshed.

The longer you take Eternal, the younger you’ll start to look and feel with each passing day.

Great for blood sugar and cholesterol tool!

In 30 day human clinical study, Winter cherry helped promote healthy blood glucose, total cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL levels…Without a single negative side-effect!

Just one more reason to order your risk-free supply of Eternal today!

Here’s what others are saying …

So happy to have Eternal in my life. I feel like everything is healthier – even my skin and hair look more youthful. And my doctor confirmed it with my last visit – all my levels are down. Thank you for this product it’s changing the way I was aging.

Karen B.
Age 49
Wellington, FL

I was one of the lucky ones who got to try Eternal before there was even a name for the product. I’m lucky because I can’t believe how much energy I now have since trying the product. I feel like I’m in my twenties again. And my wife is happy too ;).

Joe K.
Age 67
Boynton Beach, FL

I have experienced a whole host of benefits from Eternal. I sleep better, am less stressed and feel more energized than I have in years. Best of all I am thinking clearer.

Angie M.
Age 58
Youngstown, OH

I am forever grateful for Eternal because I feel less achy.  I am able to move around so much easier – a million thank you’s.   

Marie T.
Age 76
Sharon, PA

And you’re just moments away from getting TWO FREE BOTTLES when you order your risk-free supply today.

But, just to make sure there’s nothing stopping you from giving  Eternal  a try, I want to tell you about my… 

Risk-free, 90-day, 100% customer-satisfaction guarantee If you don’t feel younger, more vibrant and energized…it’s FREE!

We both know there’s a lot of snake oil on the market these days — especially  when it comes to shady marketers claiming fountains of youth that’ll have you looking 20 years younger virtually overnight.

Because such a thing doesn’t exist (at least not without major cosmetic surgery), those greedy money-grabbers make it so much harder for people to put faith in tried-and-true, anti-aging solutions like Eternal.

Not only is Eternal your natural key to halting the aging process at the cellular level, it’s completely safe and natural.

Plus, it’s non-GMO, organic, vegan friendly, gluten-free, sugar free and made in the USA!

Supercharge your brainpower!

In an 8-week study, subjects in the winter cherry group saw significant improvements in immediate and general memory, attention span, and information processing speed.

Feel the Eternal difference for yourself. Order your risk-free supply today!

But just so you know that I stand behind my products, I’m happy to give you a full 90 days to put Eternal to the test without risking a penny.

If you’re not absolutely convinced that Eternal is putting the brakes on aging, protecting your vital telomeres, extending both your lifespan and your overall well-being…

If you don’t notice…

  • Super-charged stamina and endurance
  • Diminished stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced memory and brain power
  • Better quality sleep
  • A vibrant youthful appearance

Simply give me a call within 90 days of your purchase, and I’ll refund every penny (less shipping), no questions asked.

I take all the risk, and you get to reap all the benefits!

No matter how many candles were on your last cake, you can start feeling younger in as little as three days.

Spend more time with family…enjoy traveling with a renewed sense of youth and vigor…go walking, dancing, golfing or gardening with a vibrant energy you thought was long gone.

No matter what your new youthful goals are, Eternal can help you achieve them.

So why wait? Visit the order button below and learn how you can claim up to TWO FREE BOTTLES when you order your risk-free supply of Eternal.

Don’t put off youth for a moment longer.  Visit the order button below and enjoy the secret to healthy aging!

For a healthier you!

Sandy DeRose

Sandy DeRose
DeRose Health, President

P.S.  You can claim up to ONE FREE BOTTLES of Eternal when you order today.  In as little as three days, Eternal can help you stomp out stress, put the breaks on aging and restore your youthful energy and vibrance.  But remember, if you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll refund every penny. So why wait? Protect and extend your vital telomeres.  Throw aging in reverse and feel your youthful best starting today.

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