FDA Approved Extract
Makes Injections and Surgery Obsolete
(Look 13 Years Younger with a Pill?)

Used by Japanese women for over this amazing skincare breakthrough is finally available to women everywhere. You can finally say goodbye to painful injections, fillers and surgery forever!

Dear Friend, 

In a world overly obsessed with youth and beauty, it can be devastating for a woman to watch as her face literally changes before her. Of course, it’s subtle at first… a fine line here… a small wrinkle there. 

In the beginning it’s easy to brush it off as dehydration or stress. But as time goes on, you notice they’re not so fine any more… and they are getting deeper. 

If you’re like most women, you turn to a cocktail of skincare products to try and stop the progress… toners, masks, lotions, moisturizers… and on and on. 

If that doesn’t do the trick… you’re convinced that Botox is your only solution. 

I hope that I reach you before you’ve hit that point. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look younger… or to have more youthful, vibrant skin. 

But I think we can all agree…

Sticking A Needle In Your Face Is Not The Answer!

Unfortunately, Botox is a $2.7-billion (per year) industry. (1) And they have the marketing budget to convince you that it’s your only choice. 

The reality is… not only is Botox expensive (between $350-650 per treatment)… but the results are short-lived. 

If you’re lucky, you may be able to get five months out of it. Most likely, you’ll only make it to three or four months. 

Which means… if you want to keep the effect… you have to suffer through those painful injections three or four times per year! Add it all up and you’ll have to spend at least $1,400 per year… for the rest of your life. 

The other issue is…

Botox Is A Toxin

In fact, it’s actually more powerful than any military-grade biological weapon in existence. If even a teaspoon of pure powder got caught in the wind… it’s powerful enough to kill hundreds of thousands of people. 

Which is why there is only one place in the world that Botox is manufactured… and it’s locked down tighter than Fort Knox. 

While most doctors will tell you Botox is perfectly safe… they’ll fail to tell you of the horrific side effects. 

Side effects like: extreme headaches, bruising, droopy eyelids, slurred speech… and even respiratory failure if you’re given too much. And those results also last several months. 

Are you willing to risk having your eyes droop for months at a time? 

Or experiencing slurred speech? Or struggling just to breathe… all so you can erase a few wrinkles?

There's A Better Way… A Way That Erases Your Wrinkles

Just have a look at these before and after pictures:

Say goodbye to painful Botox injections, fillers, or other risky procedures 

Recently, the FDA approved an exciting new skincare discovery from the islands of Japan. Japanese women have been using this for decades to completely erase their wrinkles… crow’s feet… and fine lines… without any injections or other expensive, risky procedures. 

And that’s why I’m writing to you today. If I can save a single woman from the torment of Botox or any of the unnecessary side effects… it will be worth it to me.

What most don’t know is that Japan has more people who live past 100 years old than any other place on the planet. Not only that… but Japanese women are famous for looking decades younger than they actually are. 

Many scientists once thought their youthful look was due to genetics or their diet. However, the truth is now out. It’s all thanks to one powerful ingredient your body can use to destroy wrinkles at the source.

The Miracle Molecule That’s Clinically Proven

In the 1990s a new discovery in skincare swept the United States. It was a new molecule called “ceramides”. At the time, they were hailed as an anti-aging breakthrough. However… 100% of the products were using ceramides topically

Unfortunately… these topical solutions may not penetrate deep enough to stop wrinkles from forming.

And some products don’t even contain quality ceramides (or enough to make a difference).

The real frustration for women is… these ineffective products still tout all the scientific studies to support their anti-aging claims. So while they sound good… the reality is they’re nothing more than expensive goop. 

And the main reason for these marketing shenanigans? Because there are no FDA regulations on cosmetic labeling. A company can put anything it wants on a label when it comes to skincare products… even if it it’s not necessarily true. 

Despite this, the U.S. skincare industry still charges you an expensive premium… for something that may not even work! (Sales of lotions with ceramides in them topped $260-million in 2017!) 

If you still feel like you want to give them a go… only trust the prescription brands that you can get from your doctor or dermatologist. 


I Want To Introduce You To A Far Better, Far More Effective... And... Far Cheaper Solution

You see, while the western world was going “gaga” over these new ceramide lotions… and forking over some serious cash for them… the Japanese discovered that the real benefits actually came when you took them internally as a supplement. First, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Sandy DeRose.

I’ve been obsessed with finding powerful health remedies since I was a teenager. While my friends played sports, participated in clubs, and gossiped about their favorite bands… my nose was buried in alternative health-research journals and reference books.

At one point, my closest friends teased me about my  herbal “witch-doctor cures”. (That was until they realized I never got sick and rarely went to the doctor.)

After college, my passion for natural health landed me a dream job… working with one of the most renowned anti-aging pioneers in the world. And I was blessed to spend more than a decade researching… and developing… nutrient solutions alongside him. Since then…

I've Developed Of Breakthrough Solutions...

From harnessing the life-extending powers of your telomeres…

to naturally balancing women’s hormones…

And even to slowing the effects of aging!

I’m also the author of two bestselling books: Ten Years Younger and The Anti-Aging Secrets of Hollywood.

I don’t mention any of that to brag… but to let you know that when it comes to slowing down natural aging… and to erasing the outward appearances of age… I happen to know a thing or two.  😉 

That’s why I am excited to share this incredible new skincare breakthrough with you today.

The media would have you believe that your only options to look younger today are expensive surgeries… or… injections and painful procedures.

But I'm here to tell you

The Time For Undergoing Surgery To Look Younger… Or To Tighten Your Skin... May Be A Thing Of The Past.

As the Japanese discovered over two decades ago...

That’s because ceramides can rejuvenate your skin… which destroys wrinkles at the source.  (Rather than just relax the muscles that cause wrinkles temporarily… like Botox does.)


The truth is … you already have ceramides in your body. Ceramides are lipids (fats) that cover the top layer of your skin. 

These lipids work to limit the loss of water from your skin…
and act as a barrier against pollutions.


If your skin cells were like a brick wall… ceramides would be the mortar between the bricks. It’s what keeps them together and water-tight.

Like many other things in your body… ceramides begin to decrease in your early 30s. That’s also when most women start to notice the signs of aging… fine lines… small wrinkles… crepey skin… as well as dry, red, and irritated skin.

With each passing year the depletion becomes more significant. (Which is usually when most of us start to panic as we struggle to stop it!)

But the odds are against us. The western world… especially the United States and Canada… are awash in environmental toxins and pollution… both of which add up to deplete your lipids, causing dry skin and wrinkles.

And, according to several studies… the loss of ceramides is believed to be the direct cause of your wrinkled skin.

It was assumed this was an irreversible process.  

Thanks to Japanese Scientists… we now know there is an incredible new pill that helps replenish your ceramide levels… to those you had in your 20s!


The Secret Japanese Wrinkle Pill: Clinically Proven To Promote Smoother,



Japanese women have been using something called phytoceramides for years. But until recently… they weren’t available in the United States or Canada.

Fortunately for women everywhere… after years of trials and studies… they were finally approved by the FDA.

Phytoceramides are plant-derived equivalents to your  body’s own ceramides.

And because they’re taken orally… like a vitamin… they’re  absorbed directly into your bloodstream. When they are… the “magic” begins as they go to work restoring your skin’s natural barrier function.

Here’s why this is so exciting…

Phytoceramides… taken internally… have been clinically proven to:

  • Hydrate your skin
  • Promote smoother skin
  • Increase your skin’s youthful appearance
  • And more!

In short… once you add phytoceramides into your diet… they go to work immediately to make your skin more tight and more firm.

Just have a look at the diagram below to see how healthy skin looks versus skin that has less ceramides:

It gets even better… studies have found that phytoceramides can also reduce the levels of free radicals in your skin… and… they also inhibit elastase enzymes.

Elastase enzymes destroy elastin… which is what keeps your skin flexible… and wrinkle-free.  

The More You Can Maintain... The Younger You Will Look!


In two other clinical studies… skin hydration was tested using a technology called corneometry. The study was conducted over a three-month period with 51 women who all had very dry skin.

Some women were given oral phytoceramides… others, the topical oil common in most skincare lotions.  At the end of the study all the women given the phytoceramides had a significant increase in their overall skin hydration… with the greatest impact being on their arms

And in another six-week study in Japan… 33 subjects who all had dry, rough skin… took a supplement containing phytoceramides.  

Skin changes were measured with a visual analysis machine called Visioscan.  The skin surface was irradiated with a specific ultraviolet light source. Next, images were captured by a high-performance camera… after which they were digitized and evaluated.

The findings of the study stunned researchers:

  • Skin became smoother… and wrinkles became less deep.
  • Skin measured brighter than the original measurement.
  • Overall skin became more moist.
  • Skin texture and exfoliation improved.
  • Significant improvements were observed in the dryness of facial skin.
  • Dryness and itching of the skin was greatly improved.
  • Significant improvements were observed in the neck.

With phytoceramides you can rejuvenate your skin, get back your youthful glow and… regain soft, supple skin.


Plump Your Skin From Within - No Needles, No Injections.

This pill doesn’t just help revitalize your face. It works hard to smooth out your skin from the inside.

Today, I’m proud announce that I’ve made special arrangements to provide all these benefits to you… in a new pill called AGELESS.

AGELESS is a proprietary formulation with the strongest FDA-approved Phytoceramides available.

Now, as if that wasn’t exciting enough… I’ve also taken my decades of “in the trenches,” real-world experience with anti-aging… and used it to pinpoint the Most Important Antioxidants For Your Skin.


These Include:

VITAMIN A – known for its anti-aging properties which repair your skin. It also rebuilds your skin cells… and… protects them from oxidative stress at the DNA level.

VITAMIN C – aids in the formation and production of collagen for elasticity and resilient skin. It also can promote tissue growth and protect your skin against UV damage.

VITAMIN D – strengthens your skin and destroys the free radicals that can cause premature aging. It also rejuvenates your skin because it contributes to skin-cell growth and repair.

VITAMIN E – stops premature aging of the skin and reduces wrinkles. It also speeds up cell regeneration

The Ingredients In AGELESS Work Together to Fight The Signs Of Aging...

Together, this powerful mix of ingredients may:

  • Reduce the look of sunspots
  • Even skin tone
  • Hydrate and smooth skin
  • Plump sagging skin
  • Slow down the aging process of the skin
  • Thicken the skin

But I don’t want you to take my word for it. Listen to What Others Are Saying About AGELESS:

” I love your product…it’s the best so far and that’s why I keep ordering. My face has made a great change making me look younger from the first bottle. When I bought the product I was 60 but looked 65. Now I look 55. It’s a great product because it works. “

– Earl B. Age 60  ST. THOMAS, VI

I started using Ageless 5 months ago and I can’t believe how my skin is aging backwards. Friends, family and colleagues are also noticing my baby smooth skin. I never want to be without Ageless so I get an order shipped to me monthly.

— Karen P.  Age 56  LOS ANGELES, CA

I have been using AGELESS for about 9 weeks now… and I am noticing tighter skin in the inside of my arms and my neck also seems improved. Not so crepey. I love the results I’m seeing and will continue to take AGELESS as a part of my skin care regimen. “

– Diana W. Age 53  BOCA RATON, FL

This product really works.  I can’t believe in such a short period of time I’m seeing softer more hydrated skin.  Plus the lines are fading away. Not just on my face but my entire body. I LOVE AGELESS!

— Fran T. Age 62  ASHEVILLE, NC.


My skin is no longer dry.  I’m noticing the lines under my eyes are better and I look brighter … fresher.  I can’t wait to see what two months does.

— Susan D. Age 51  COLUMBUS, OH

How To Get Today

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The soft, supple, wrinkle-free skin of someone 12 years younger?

I know which choice I prefer!

Look… investing in a month of being AGELESS is the best thing you can do for yourself today.

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It’s time.

Time to experience the soft, firm skin of your youth.

Time to enjoy how you look as you age… versus staring in the mirror with a sense of growing panic.

Time to

Discover The Best Possible Version Of

I can’t wait to see YOUR success story in my inbox soon.

To a more youthful YOU,

Sandy DeRose.

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P.S. – Due to recent media exposure about the FDA’s approval of this skincare breakthrough… interest has been at an all-time high.

While we recently increased our manufacturing output to maximum… there is a high chance of AGELESS being put on back order while we catch up with all the requests coming through.

For now, we have enough in our warehouse to get you your supply ASAP.

However, If the order button doesn’t work… it means AGELESS is on back order.  

If you’re reading this and the order buttons aren’t working… please send us an email to  support@derosehealth.com. We’ll notify you just as soon as it’s back in stock.  

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