Surprising Lipid Molecule
Holds the Secret to Porcelain Skin
Making Facelifts Obsolete

Have you heard the term, ceramides? If the word rings a bell it’s likely because you have a skincare product labeled with it in your bathroom right now.

You see, in the 1990’s ceramides hit the skincare market in a big way in the U.S., except they were only allowed in topical products. They have been praised for years as an anti-aging breakthrough.

According to Grand View Market Research, 2014 global sales of ceramides approached $240-million, a figure that is expected to exceed $360-million by 2022.

Now that’s a lot of ceramides. But, unfortunately, they may not penetrate deep enough to stop wrinkles from forming. And some products don’t contain quality ceramides or enough to make a difference.

Don’t get me wrong – there might be a product out there that contains what the studies tout, but it might be a needle in a haystack trying to find one. The main reason is because there are no FDA regulations on cosmetic labeling.

What does that mean? Anyone can put anything on a label when it comes to skincare products.

So, when it comes to topical ceramides, I probably would only trust the prescription brands that you can get from a doctor.


Hi, I’m Sandy DeRose.

I’ve been passionate about nature’s powerful health remedies since I was a teenager. While my friends were hanging out, playing sports and following their favorite bands, my nose was buried in research journals and reference books.

My friends would tease me about the herbal “witch-doctor cures” I would tell them about. That is until they realized I never got sick and rarely went to the doctor.

In time, my passion for natural health landed me a great job. I spent more than a decade researching and developing nutrient solutions for an esteemed natural healer and one of the most renowned anti-aging pioneers in the world.

Since then I’ve written about and developed dozens of breakthrough solutions—from harnessing the life-extending powers of telomeres and balancing women’s hormones, to reversing vitamin deficiencies and slowing the effects of aging.

I publish an eLetter called Anti-Aging@home and I’ve authored two books, Ten Years Younger and The Anti-Aging Secrets of Hollywood.

But today I want to tell you about a breakthrough that, if you’re like me, will have you excited to be living in this day and age – a time when undergoing surgery to look younger or expensive treatments to tighten the skin may be a thing of the past.

It’s all about the ceramides …

What You Don’t Know About Ceramides Might Surprise You

And here’s the thing … you actually already have ceramides in your body.

Ceramides are a structural and signaling lipid molecule that live in the surface of your skin. They are made up of fatty acids called sphingosine.

Lipids are naturally-occurring molecules that make up the building blocks of every living cell. Ceramides are components of lipids.

The ceramide lipids work to limit the loss of water from your skin and act as a barrier against harmful substances penetrating your skin.

Like so many other things, ceramides begin to decrease in your early 30’s. That’s when signs of aging can start, as well as dry, red, and irritated skin.

With each passing year the depletion becomes more significant.

Environmental toxins and pollution also deplete your lipids, causing dry skin and wrinkles.

And the loss of ceramides is believed to be the major cause of skin wrinkling.

Japanese skincare secret finally available in the US


FDA Approval

This New Dietary Ingredient(NDI) Notification is submitted pursuant to 21 C.F.R.O 190.6 and secion 8 of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

Japanese women have been using something called phytoceramides for years. But it wasn’t available in the USA until a few years ago, when it was finally approved by the FDA.

Phytoceramides are plant-derived and are the equivalent to the body’s own ceramides.

They work the same as components of the lipids that improve the skin’s barrier function and water loss.

And because they’re taken orally, they can be absorbed into the bloodstream where the magic happens — it can restore the barrier function.

When you restore the barrier function you protect your skin from environmental toxins and pollution.

Plus, phytoceramides taken internally have been clinically proven to hydrate skin and promote smoother, more youthful skin – keeping your skin together, more firm.

In fact, studies found that phytoceramides reduce the levels of free radicals in the skin and inhibit elastase enzymes. Elastase enzymes destroy elastin, contribute to loss of skin flexibility and increase wrinkling.

And the Studies Speak for Themselves …

And in two other clinical studies a skin hydration was tested using a technology called corneometry. The study was conducted over a three-month period with 51 women with very dry skin. The women who were given the oral phytoceramides vs the topical oil had a significant increase in skin hydration overall, with the greatest impact being on the arms.

And just wait until you see the results in a six-week Japanese study, 33 subjects who always had dry rough skin took a supplement containing rice phytoceramides.  

Changes were measured using an imaging analysis called a Visioscan.  The skin surface is irradiated with a specific ultraviolet light source, and the images are captured in

a high-performance camera, digitized and then evaluated.

The findings were amazing:

  • The skin became smoother as the wrinkles became less deep.
  • The skin measured brighter than the original measurement.
  • Overall skin became more moist.
  • Skin texture and exfoliation improved.
  • Significant improvements were observed in the dryness of facial skin.
  • Dryness and itching of the skin significantly improved.
  • Significant improvements were observed in the neck.

With phytoceramides you can replenish what you have lost, give yourself back that youthful glow, and regain supple skin.

Plumping Your Skin From Within - No Needles Or Injections Needed!

And it’s not going to target just your face. Because you are taking a pill this is going to target all of your skin.
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aids in the formation and production of collagen for elasticity and resilient skin. It promotes tissue growth and protects against UV damage.

strengthens skin by destroying free radicals that can cause premature aging. It also rejuvenates the skin because it contributes to skin-cell growth and repair.

stops premature aging of the skin and reduces wrinkles. It also speeds up cell regeneration

Just have a look at the diagram below to see how healthy skin looks verses skin that has less ceramides:

All The Ingredients In Ageless May Fight The Signs Of Aging From Within To:

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Sandy DeRose

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